Happiness, feeling of joy. Everyone aims at pursuit of happiness, and being happy is one of the most basic requirement of living being.

Dalai Lama has said that “Happiness is the highest form of health”, Happiness and health can not be separate each other, in effect these two are interconnected.

How Happiness Helps Our Health ?

  1. Happiness shields heart : The researchers found that the happiest people were 22% less likely to develop heart diseases and people having poor mental health and depression had highest risk of heart diseases. Whenever people happy and relaxed, they tend to sleep, eat and exercise in a better way. These actions have a good impact in physiology for positive changes in chemical basis like reducing the stress hormones and pressure. Obviously all these changes are good for heart.  
  • Happiness battles stress : Stress seems to worsen the health conditions like asthma, GI problems, Obesity, Heart related problems etc. Happiness has a greater ability to fight against stress.
  • Happiness supports immune system : Emotions and psychological state has an immense role in progression of different disease states like HIV, cancer,  cardiovascular disease etc. Psychoneuroendocrinology says that they found some peoples who showed the kindness, love over some weeks to a collective group and they started to show the improved expression of genes associated to the function immune response.
  • Happy people have less aches and pains : Pain is common in people having different kind of injuries, arthritis etc. Researchers done a survey on different kind of individuals reported having pain. Happy people reported that lower level of pain and felt less distressed due to the impact of happiness.
  • Happiness lengthens our lives : People who laugh more live longer, The happiness shields from drop in to illness and prolong the lives.

Do healthiest and balanced diet, maintain healthy lifestyle and follow a long life rich in happiness.

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