Nano, the minute. That minute made a revolutionary technology and changes in the different field of science and we called it as nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has a scaled measure that 1nm to 100 nm range. There is numerous applications based on the principle of nanotechnology. Nano-medicine is an innovative application of nanotechnology in the healthcare.

What is Nano-medicine ?

Nano-medicine is the application of nanotechnology for the prevention and treatment of disease in the human body. Nano-medicine involves the use of nano-scale materials, such as bio compatible nano-particles and nano-robots. The application includes biosensors, tissue engineering, diagnostic devices activity monitors, chemotherapy, pacemakers, bio chips, OTC tests, insulin pumps, nebulizers, needle less injectors, hearing aids, medical flow sensors and blood pressure, glucose monitoring, drug delivery systems and so on.

Nano-medicine mainly aims the comprehensive monitoring, control, construction, repair, defense and improvement of all human biological system, working from the molecular level using engineered devices and nano-structures, ultimately to achieve medical benefits.

Vivid area touches the application of nano-medicines and grew up with development of technology, some most relevant applications are ;

– Detection of heart disease by DNA coated gold nano-particles combined with a biosensor chip to read protein values.

– Visualization of small tumors by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using magnetic iron oxide nano-particles attached to carriers.

– Delivery of a therapeutic drug to tumors via hollow nano-structures such as liposomes.

– Injection of nano-capsules equipped with molecular antennae that release their content on contact with certain disease structures.

– Colloidal gold nano-particles which due to their stability have been widely used to rapidly test for pregnancy, ovulation, HIV, and other indications

– Nano-silver is increasingly incorporated in to catheters and other instruments as a coater because of its antimicrobial effect.

– Drug delivery using nano-particles includes, Au, Ag, Cd-Se, Zn-S ( metal based nano-particles), liposome, neosome ( lipid based nano-particles), dendrimer, chitosen, (polymer based nano-particles), arginyl glycyl aspartic acid peptides based (biological nano-particles).

– Some advanced nano-medicine involves the use of nano-robots as miniature surgeons, that may repair damaged cells, or get inside cells and replace or assist damaged intracellular structures.

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