Brain fog ! is there any real fog present in our brain? Brain fog is not actually a medical condition, rather it includes different symptoms of other health issues and mental confusions.

Basically, the feeling of brain fog is exactly what it sounds like,you may feel foggy or clouded, almost like a frosted window that is difficult to see through.

You may feel confused or being distracted , face lack of mental clarity, forgetting daily tasks,difficult to recall things, disturbed focus and hard to rethink on specific points. Thoughts and emotions may feel numb, and everyday activities may seem to require more effort.

COVID 19 & Brain Fog

Some people recently reported that who had COVID 19, they were experienced brain fog.

Anxiety & brain fog

Anxiety takes up mental resources, it also effects a person’s thought, which will intensify brain fog also. Its common to have both brain fog and anxiety.

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Difficulty in concentration

Slowed thinking

Finding hard to have a conversation.

Trouble in multitask functions

Causes of Brain Fog

Increased stress and lack of sleep

Depression and dementia

Chronic health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis – This disease affects your central nervous system and can change the way your brain “talks” to the rest of your body.

Hormonal conditions, such as thyroid disorders

Pregnancy – Chemicals released to protect and nourish your baby may bring on memory problems.

Medications like OTC Products

Cancer and Cancer Treatments like Chemotherapy


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – your body and mind are tired for a long time. You may feel confused, forgetful, and unable to focus.


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